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Serving both Residential and Commercial Properties
Arborists offer professional advice on trees to ensure a safe and aesthetically pleasing result. They consider where trees are positioned, the surrounding area, and how to maximise their health. They are also knowledgeable about tree species and how they will react to different types of pruning.
Uprooting a weed in your garden is not the same thing as removing a tree so you should never attempt to remove a large tree yourself. The process of tree removal begins with an assessment of the tree in question and its location to insure that the tree is removed safely and done in a way to minimize/eliminate harm to any of its surroundings. The proper equipment and knowledge give assurance that the removal project will be carried out safely and correctly. Each municipality has rules & guidelines governing tree removal in your community. It is wise to check with a service professional in your area and/or your local municipality to find out the specifics in your location. Some trees fall into the "protected" category and are not permissible to remove unless in a hazardous condition.